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cricket wireless promo code

Cricket Referral: How to get your Refer-a-Friend $25

Cricket Referral 2020: Refer a Friend for $25 Oh, Cricket. They’re at it again, with a new, slightly more complicated referral system they started this last year. In the old days way back in 2017-2018, you could simply share your $25 Cricket referral link with friends and family. Then they’d just click through your link…
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How to get “Free” Duracell Batteries from Office Depot

Paying for batteries sucks. Don’t do it. Well, do it, but at least get your money back with Office Depot’s 100% back rewards. Do It GIF from Doit GIFs I do it twice a year. Once around springtime, and once around November to use for Christmas toys. Here’s how it works. 1. Become an Officedepot…
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Updating ’80s Oak Cabinets on a Budget, without Painting!

I love a white-cabineted, marble-countered kitchen as much as the next gal. But sometimes many times, it’s just not in the budget. And many times, folks just don’t want to paint cabinets. Holy cow, that’s a lot of work–I did it in 2008 with our first home. And sometimes, an immaculate, sterile kitchen is just…
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DIY Foaming Hand Soap: How to Refill with Regular

I love the light feeling of foaming soap, and the ease with which it washes off my hands. I’m not a fan of the price though! I ain’t no Rockefeller. And if you’re not a Rockefeller either, no worries. Luckily, there’s a frugal hack for that. You can refill your foaming dispenser with your regular…
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how to start saving money

How to Save Money Each Month w/ Frugal Websites

In a sea of consumerism that is known as the world wide web, money-saving websites below can be life savers. Here’s the way I learned how to save more money each month with five frugal websites. You can’t swing a virtual dead cat without hitting up a website that wants your money. Whether it’s a…
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cat peeing on couch

Silly Cat Peeing on the Bed or Couch? How to get out the Smell

Cat peeing on the bed? Cat pee smell on the couch, carpet, and laundry? Wow this stuff is hard to get out! And so many cleaners don’t work! There is an epidemic affecting cat owners. Whether they realize it or not, their home may be overcome with cat pee smell. If your home or furniture…
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Lagoon ticket discounts

Lagoon Ticket Discounts: How to Save via Military or Coke

Surprised at the cost of Lagoon tickets? We were too! Have Lagoon ticket prices gone up exponentially, or am I just way out of touch with the cost of theme park entertainment? It’s probably both. Read on for Lagoon ticket discounts. How to save money on Lagoon tickets w/ promo codes Luckily for all of…
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clorox printable coupons

Clorox Printable Coupons! How to Save $10 off Pool Chlorine and Shock

It finally happened. We swore we never would. We said, “It’ll be too much work. It’ll be a pain to maintain. It’s too expensive. But we finally did it anyway. We bought an above-ground pool. Yes, it’s some work. Yes, it’s a pain to maintain (though after you do the research it gets easier). But…
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How to get 3 Free Litters plus Cat Litter Coupons

We brought home a kitten in June, but it feels like we brought home three kittens. This cat is a poopin’ machine. Luckily, these free-after rebate cat litter coupons and deals should help with the expenses. Cat litter coupons and 3 free cat litters after rebates In fact, I’ve got three awesome cat litter freebies.…
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chewy codes

Chewy Codes: 7 Ways to Save Big with Coupons, Promos makes it so quick and easy to buy dog food or cat food with their 1-2 day shipping with $49+ purchase. But–I will ask the all-important question–how do I find Chewy codes or ways to save money on There are a few ways to find good deals on Chewy; lemme show you. But…
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