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clorox printable coupons

Clorox Printable Coupons! How to Save $10 off Pool Chlorine and Shock

It finally happened. We swore we never would. We said, “It’ll be too much work. It’ll be a pain to maintain. It’s too expensive. But we finally did it anyway. We bought an above-ground pool. Yes, it’s some work. Yes, it’s a pain to maintain (though after you do the research it gets easier). But…
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How to get 3 Free Litters plus Cat Litter Coupons

We brought home a kitten in June, but it feels like we brought home three kittens. This cat is a poopin’ machine. Luckily, these free-after rebate cat litter coupons and deals should help with the expenses. Cat litter coupons and 3 free cat litters after rebates In fact, I’ve got three awesome cat litter freebies.…
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chewy codes

Chewy Codes: 7 Ways to Save Big with Coupons, Promos

Chewy.com makes it so quick and easy to buy dog food or cat food with their 1-2 day shipping with $49+ purchase. But–I will ask the all-important question–how do I find Chewy codes or ways to save money on Chewy.com? There are a few ways to find good deals on Chewy; lemme show you. But…
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dishwasher smells bad rotten eggs

Dishwasher Smells Bad, like Rotten Eggs: How to Fix

“Eww, Mom farted!” “It’s not me. The dishwasher smells bad and is stinking up the kitchen,” I reply as I sigh and roll my eyes for the billionth time. And by dishwasher, I don’t mean me, even though I am the only washer of dishes in the house. If your dishwasher smells bad too, you…
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Thrive Market Coupon Promo: How to Save 25% off First Order

For a limited time, new customers looking for a Thrive Market coupon can go here to get 25% off their first order (promo code will come off automatically via the link). Bonus: Thrivemarket.com offers customers a free item before checkout. Shipping is free as long as your order is over $49. Current Thrive Market customers…
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Missing Money? How to find if you have some.

While perusing the latest “Make extra cash online” article on Pinterest, I recently came across a tip I had forgotten all about: see if you have missing money waiting for you via the National Association of Unclaimed Property. I know what you’re thinking, “Who the heck would have money they didn’t know about or forgot…
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petco coupons

Petco Coupons: How to Save on Dog Food

Raise your hand if your dog eats more than you do. A lot more. *Raises hand. My sweet chocolate lab, Sammy, grew from a ten-pound puppy to a 90-pound beast in a few short years. During this time, I learned to take advantage of Petco coupons, Petsmart coupons, and Chewy codes to keep said beast…
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Fetch Rewards App Review

Fetch Rewards App Review: How to get a Sign-up Bonus + Hacks

If you’re wondering if the Fetch rewards app is worth a download then you sound like me waaay back in January, 2018. Check out the results of my one-year Fetch experiment outlined below. Is Fetch legit? Safe? Worth it? Hey, got hacks? Yes, yes, it depends, and yes. For the new Fetchers out there, they…
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Gordman's coupons in store

Gordman’s Coupons in-store use: How to Use from Phone (Printable too)

Are you a Gordman’s lover looking to save a little money? “Gord” for you! So why is it so hard to find Gordman’s coupons for in-store use? You need to sign up for them. Gordman’s coupons I only discovered Gordman’s recently, and I just love perusing the aisles and exploring the new home decor. Without…
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paid survey sites

Legitimate, Paid Survey Sites: How to earn money with Surveys

Want to find the best legitimate, paid survey sites that actually pay in cash? Survey sites that are safe, real, and pay in cash? Sites that pay in dollars–not cents–for a few minutes of your time? I gotcha. You’ll have no trouble finding folks who promote looong lists of survey site links they promise will…
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