Missing Money? How to find if you have some.

Missing Money? How to find if you have some.

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While perusing the latest “Make extra cash online” article on Pinterest, I recently came across a tip I had forgotten all about: see if you have missing money waiting for you via the National Association of Unclaimed Property.

I know what you’re thinking, “Who the heck would have money they didn’t know about or forgot about?”

ME, that’s who. Twice. And quite possibly, you too.

missing money

How to find missing money

I first came across this site years ago when I was a new mom reading reading a similar article about “How to make extra cash online“. And ten years ago I thought, “Who the heck would have missing money they didn’t know about?

ME, that’s who.

I chose my state, input my name, and it brought up a result! I had an unclaimed final paycheck from when I quit my Fred Meyer job and moved to Oregon on a whim. It was from several years prior: I was 21 and just a little flighty.

So I clicked the “claim” button, printed out a form to sign and mail in, and several weeks later received my whopping $20 of pay I had forgotten about.

1. Go the office of unclaimed funds, aka missing money

Go to the federal website for unclaimed funds and choose your state.

2. Input your info

A decade later, I know better than to think, “Who the heck would have missing money they didn’t know about?” When I was reminded about this website of unclaimed funds, I submitted my name, city, and state immediately.

Again, I had a result! Apparently after we moved from our last house, I had a mail-in-rebate that didn’t get forwarded through the post office. So I hit the “Claim” button and it had me input my name and address.

3. Sign and submit the confirmation email (varies by state)

For Idaho, I also had to print this confirmation page sent to my email, but I was able to upload the page to submit online after I printed and signed it.

missing money

Free missing money I didn’t know about? I’ll take it!

People who are more likely to have missing money

Everyone should check for missing money every so often. You who may be even more likely to have missing money if you:

  • have moved…ever
  • changed your name (make sure to check your maiden name)
  • had a “last paycheck” you may have forgotten about
  • have an address that gets easily mispelled
  • have lived in various zipcodes (for some states you may have to check under each zipcode you lived in)

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