Fetch Rewards App Review: How to get a Sign-up Bonus + Hacks

Fetch Rewards App Review: How to get a Sign-up Bonus + Hacks

Fetch Rewards App Review

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If you’re wondering if the Fetch rewards app is worth a download then you sound like me waaay back in January, 2018. Check out the results of my one-year Fetch experiment outlined below. Is Fetch legit? Safe? Worth it? Hey, got hacks?

Yes, yes, it depends, and yes.

For the new Fetchers out there, they offer a $2 sign-up bonus when you use this referral code: E8YPJ. This bonus only shows up in your account after you scan a receipt. Sometimes they up the bonus to $3-$4, but I feel like that’s only seen around holidays, so if it’s say…mid-January…just go for that $2 bonus and get going with your cash back.

The sign-up bonus only appears in your account after you complete your first scan. So don’t go sign up and think your job is done–you gotta scan a receipt. I can’t scan your receipts for you.

As far as non-scam money-making apps go, Fetch is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to make a little extra cash off Goldfish/Pepsi/Cheerio/etc purchases.

Fetch rewards app review, bonus, and hacks

1. Is Fetch legit?

Fetch is legit. Spoiler alert: I made $18 from scanning all my grocery receipts last year (there’s a caveat here, and I won’t give that away yet), but this number should’ve been much higher. I don’t want to make you read all the way to the end of this article if that’s all you came here for. *Cue half the readers leaving to sign up because that that’s all they came here for. Don’t forget to use my code E8YPJ for a bonus (it gives me a bonus too…thanks)!

Fetch is legit and I earned each Amazon reward immediately after request. Then I proceeded to spend said awards on Quaker granola bars and Goldfish crackers, which Amazon consistently has awesome deals on.

fetch rewards app review
fetch rewards app review

2. Is Fetch Safe?

Fetch is safe and won’t harm your phone or even slow it down. If battery life is a concern to you, first get rid of your iPhone and get an android. *Cue the other half of the readers exiting.

Make sure you close down the Fetch app when you’re done with it, because leaving any app open in the background (especially if you leave Fetch’s camera open) will drain your battery.

There aren’t ads on the Fetch app, per se, so I it’s nice to not have to deal with that. It has a professional, clean interface, and doesn’t have a seedy feel like some of those “money-making” apps. Think more like Ibotta and less like Featurepoints.

I’ve never had any issues with hackers, which is less than I can say for the Chick-fil-A app.

3. Is Fetch Rewards app worth it?

My Fetch experiment began eons ago, waaay back in the beginning of 2019. I was cleaning out my junk drawer–OK, one of my junk drawers (doesn’t everyone have two)–and couldn’t believe how many receipts I had saved.

The light-bulb moment came when I recalled a receipt-scanning app I recently read about on one of those deal blogs I spend way too much time on. I ran to my phone and saw that I had actually downloaded it a year prior, but only used it once. Apparently, even longer ago in the year 2018, I wondered if the Fetch rewards app was worth it.

Hey, what better time to test if it was worth it than the month of January–the start of a new year and the start of a new, epic quest?

So with my right hand up as the morning light shone upon me, I vowed to scan every grocery receipt that year. Perhaps I’d even let others know of my valiant quest’s results at the beginning of the next year. And here we are. WOW, does a year really fly by when you’re having a blast earning cash back.

I started with a few of those junk drawer receipts. And I was already up $1. Nice.

“Meh, Fetch sounds like a lot of work.”

I know exactly what you’re thinking…it sounds like a lotta work. I apparently thought so too in 2018. But here’s the kicker: I usually have that receipt out after shopping anyway. Ibotta makes Fetch worth it. I make $20-$30 a month in cash back from this app just by buying groceries! After scanning my receipt for Ibotta, I open the Fetch rewards app next door to Ibotta on my phone. I scan the receipt again for Fetch, and I’m done. Fetch is actually quicker and simpler than Ibotta because you don’t have to scan any products or click products beforehand.

So if you factor in my $240-$360 Ibotta earnings each year, $18 on top of that is icing on the cake. It’s worth it for me due to the simplicity of just a quick scan of the receipt after Ibotta. And, as you’ll soon find out, I wasn’t taking full advantage of all the cash back Fetch had to offer and should’ve been earning oodles more that whole time. Doh.

“Meh, STILL sounds like a lot of work”

I know exactly what the two of you readers left might be thinking…Fetch still sounds like a lotta work.

Well, before you come to any drastic conclusions and possibly forfeit a small fortune of free cash back, try changing your frame of mind about when or how you scan.

If you–*gasp–don’t use Ibotta and are weary of taking a minute of your time to scan the app after each shopping trip, you could try setting a reminder on your phone to scan receipts every two weeks. Each receipt can be scanned up to two weeks after the purchase date. If you throw the receipts in your junk drawer (see why everyone needs at least two) and only scan them twice a month, it could feel like less hassle when you have groceries to put away.

It may also help to have a goal in mind. Think of what an extra $20-$40 could buy at Christmas-time. For example, all three of my kids are obsessed with Roblox and constantly wish out loud for special gaming add-ons like “tonks” and “nitro”. How can I argue against invincibility and super-speed? Visualizing their happiness that one time of the year when I give in to these extravagances makes it feel worth my time throughout the year to collect cash back from shopping. It no longer feels like a complete waste of money throwing down $20 for a ridiculous thing called “robux”.

One final idea: make your kids do it. If you just don’t have the motivation after a busy grocery shopping trip, you could have your kiddo scan receipts and use that couple bucks a month as their gum/robux money.

And what about those folks who don’t use Ibotta? Is Fetch worth it for them? It may or may not be worth it for your individual situation. It depends on how much you make for a living, what your time is worth, and how often you grocery shop.

4. My Fetch experience/review

What stores work w/ Fetch?

Fetch works by offering cash back for certain receipts:

  • grocery stores
  • drug stores
  • pet stores
  • home improvement
  • convenience stores (no gas receipts, although some folks claim to get points from these).

What grocery stores work? All of them. I actually didn’t realize pet stores and home improvement stores were eligible until I sat to write this review, so I could’ve been getting a lot more cash back there. Wah wah.

Update: Now Fetch takes ALL receipts, but only the grocery or food purchases get you decent credits. Everything else seems to be 5 points.

How exactly does Fetch work?

You earn points for each receipt you scan: 25 points for grocery receipts, no matter what’s on it, plus extra points depending on the brands you buy. While you may not think you’re a brand-name shopper, neither did I. As it turns out, you may be surprised at how many name brands you like. I know I am.

Most of my grocery store receipts earn around 100 points, which is about 10 cents. Some will surprise you and ring up around 800 points, like when you stock up on 20 bags of Goldfish crackers during a special offer. Drug store receipts and grocery receipts for a few items often only get the 25 points.

1,000 points = $1

fetch rewards app review

When you open the Fetch app, you will see lots of brand names. These are just the brand names that give you more points than other brands or store brands. Brands like Planter peanuts, Miller-Lite, Knorr, and Cottonelle are shown here. There’s nothing to do here; they’re just showing you brand names.

The bread and butter of Fetch: special offers

Remember the caveat I mentioned above? Two words for you. Special. Offers. Late in the year of my legendary Fetch experiment of 2019, I discovered special offers on Fetch. These offers can be pretty awesome deals.

For example, right now they have an offer for FREE Kisses Cheerios. They have an offer for $3 cash back on a $15 Planters purchase. Or $3 cash back on a 12-pack of Miller. How about $2.50 back on Cottonelle toilet paper, or $3.50 back on Bubly + Sun Chips $30 purchase? My fancy pants buys all these brand names. Who knew.

Other special offers include scanning bonuses, and you’ll get notified of these via email or text if you prefer. I often get them when I don’t scan for a while, and they’re usually something along the lines of, “Get a 400 point bonus on your next scan.”

fetch rewards app review

Fetch experiment: part II

Sadly, I didn’t pay any attention to the special offers on my dashboard during my epic quest. I only noticed them toward the end of the year when I started getting fun bonuses by accident. Maybe that’s when they actually started–I’ll never know. My puny $18 earning could’ve been more like $60–as you two readers know by now, my family eats a lot of Goldfish. I’ll let you know in the blink of an eye when 2021 rolls around.

That’s right folks, I’m currently in the throes of an Epic Fetch Experiment of 2020. Stay tuned.

Update: I’m already up to $20, just three months into 2020. Online shopping via Amazon now works for cash back. You need to connect your Amazon account through the Fetch app.

Another update: Covid-19 is throwing a wrench in my plans for an Epic Fetch Experiment of 2020 or EFE-20, but I’m still keeping at it, and up to $30 by May 6th.

Yet another: Up to $40 8/15/20, with about four receipts per month.

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