Cricket Referral: How to get your Refer-a-Friend $25

Cricket Referral: How to get your Refer-a-Friend $25

cricket wireless promo code

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Cricket Referral 2020: Refer a Friend for $25

Oh, Cricket. They’re at it again, with a new, slightly more complicated referral system they started this last year. In the old days way back in 2017-2018, you could simply share your $25 Cricket referral link with friends and family. Then they’d just click through your link and get a $25 credit on their bill after 60 days of service. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Like most things, it’s a little more complicated now. There’s an extra step involved. Luckily, new customers can still get a $25 credit. And even better, current customers get $25 per person they refer, with a limit of 10 Cricket referrals per year.

That’s a deal so good, it’ll make you want to slap call your grandma. Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

Fun fact: my grandma is on my phone plan.

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How to get a $25 Cricket referral credit in 3 easy steps

Here’s a quickie version of what it takes to get your Cricket Wireless promo code offer, and then I’ll give details on each step below.

  1. Head here and enter your email. They’ll send you an email confirmation immediately.
  2. Go to your email and click the link they send.
  3. Sign up for a plan.
cricket  wireless promo code
cricket wireless promo code referral

1. Sign up for Cricket Wireless service

Get a Cricket Wireless referral link by going here; enter your email.

2. Click the Cricket Referral link sent to your email

Clicking Cricket’s emailed link embeds my Cricket referral link in your sign-up process and ensures you get $25 credit on your bill after 60 days of service.

cricket wireless promo code

Why Cricket Wireless?

You might think, “Holly, why should I use Cricket Wireless? Don’t all the hip young people use Verizon?”

And I might respond, “I wouldn’t know, I’m neither hip nor young. But I do know they ATT and Verizon users overpay, especially on family plans.”

I’m not going to go through a sales pitch about why Cricket is the best phone company out there. Frankly, their customer service can sometimes be a little lousy. Last time I needed to chat with a customer service representative, there was a half hour wait! And when you do get through, language barriers sometimes lead to confusion about the question and solution. Luckily, I rarely need to use customer service!

I guess I could sell you on the fact that when comparing Cricket apples-to-apples with ATT, Sprint, and Verizon, they offer the best value for my plan. They also offer pretty similar customer service–I’ve been with every company except Verizon and they all tend to lack in the service area–for a fraction of the cost. Many times, folks have no idea there’s a phone service out there that uses ATT towers but could save them so much money over ATT. There are some people out there who’ve never heard of Cricket!

With that said, there are several services that may offer cheaper service if you’re not a big data user: Ting and/or Republic are two of the more popular ones. Look into these too! I looked into them, but was concerned about their coverage in my area of Boise, Idaho. Apparently, our home is a black hole for cell service. I like that Cricket uses ATT towers. Out of all the services I’ve tried–Sprint, T-Mobile, ATT, and Cricket–I’ve had the best reception with ATT and Cricket. With that said, it’s been years since I’ve used anything other than Cricket, so other services have likely upped their quality at this point. Cricket is also the cheapest by far in the top carrier tier.

3. Pick a plan: I use a $25-a-person family shared plan

I started several years ago with the plan for 4 lines for $100, but added one more family member in 2018, and that makes my monthly bill $125. We split the $125 five ways and pay $25 each. I pay the bill each month, and I get 5% back on said bill through my US Bank Cash Plus credit card.

Cricket also offers a $5 auto-pay discount, but this awesome shared plan I use doesn’t qualify. Booo! If you don’t need a share plan, their individual plans start pretty cheap too at $30.

Cricket Phones

As far as phones go, Cricket is a GSM network now, same as ATT. Before 2015, they were a CDMA network. If you use ebay to buy a used phone, keep this in mind. Also, make sure to first check their sale deals on the front page of the Cricket website. They have some surprisingly awesome deals on both Samsung and Apple. For instance, I’m the cheapest person alive and always buy used phones, but we bought our S7s brand new several years ago from the Cricket website. Many black Fridays ago, Cricket offered the “new” Samsung Galaxy S7 for $199. Yes, they sold out within minutes. I intend to use mine until it turns into dust.

4. Save even more: How to earn Cricket referral credits $25 x 10 per year

Get yourself signed up and start referring folks! For every person who signs up via your link, you’ll get a $25 credit off your bill after they hit 60 days of continuous service. After you sign up, come back here and feel free to post your referral link in the comments section. You’ll find your personal link under the “Refer” button on the homepage of

Cricket wireless promo code referral credit $25

Cricket has a limit of 10 referrals per household per year, and it’s not hard to hit this limit if you post your referral link on a page that gets Google traffic. (Before I posted this article, I also used to have luck getting referrals from Ebay with a listing that offered $25 off your new Cricket service for .01)! That’s $250 off your yearly phone bill if you max out your referrals! If you add in the cash back from a US Bank Cash Plus card, you can see how my yearly portion of phone bill payments for my husband’s and my account is $275. This is about $23 a month for BOTH of us together, or $11.50 each. This is for ATT tower use and unlimited talk, text, and data (limited to max 3 Mbps). Wow!

You can keep track of your referrals in your Cricket dashboard, though it doesn’t offer any details about who your referrals are or where they found your link.

See if the Cricket referral refer-a-friend offer could save money on your phone bill

Ready to sign up? Hop to it.

*Crickets chirping.

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  1. Marco says:

    Can you give me a referral code?

  2. kiran v says:

    Plenty of data, no annual contract, and no overages. I’m loving my Cricket service and want to share the love. Sign up now and you can get $25 just for joining! Restrictions Apply

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  5. David says:

    The link will give you $25 credit code for phone bill. You need to enter your email address after you click the link. After you sign up Cricket, insert your sim card and activated the service online, you can enter the code in your MyCricket App(More->refer a friend-> enter the code and include “-“)

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