How to get 3 Free Litters plus Cat Litter Coupons

How to get 3 Free Litters plus Cat Litter Coupons

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We brought home a kitten in June, but it feels like we brought home three kittens. This cat is a poopin’ machine. Luckily, these free-after rebate cat litter coupons and deals should help with the expenses.

Cat litter coupons and 3 free cat litters after rebates

In fact, I’ve got three awesome cat litter freebies. Better yet, online cat litter freebies. Because the only thing better than a free-after-rebate freebie is a free-after-rebate freebie you can buy in your pajamas!

Want more ways to save money? Of course you do. Check out my list of 25 ways I save.

1. Free-after-rebate cat litter: Elsey’s

Buy any bag of Dr Elsey’s litter and get reimbursed up to $20.

You can fill this rebate out online and upload a picture of the receipt and UPC. This is an ongoing freebie, with a maximum of one per household.

2. Free-after-rebate cat litter: Arm & Hammer

Buy a 14-pound box of Arm & Harmer Cloud Control cat litter and get reimbursed up to $10.99. I spotted this litter size at Walmart. Get free shipping at $35 or opt for free store pickup.

Just like the first rebate, you can also send this one online. Just upload a picture of the receipt and UPC here. Offer ends 12/31/20.

Go through Topcashback first to get cashback on your purchase.

cat litter coupons and deals

3. Free-after-rebate cat litter: 19 lb Arm & Hammer

Buy a 19-pound box of Arm & Hammer Cloud Control cat litter and get reimbursed up to $15.99.

Just like the previous two rebates, you can send this one online using a picture of your receipt and UPC. You don’t need to buy a package with the sticker on it when sending these online. I spotted this 19-lb size litter at Petco and Petsmart.

Go through Topcashback FIRST to get cash back on your purchase!

If shopping in-store, you can also utilize these coupons to reduce out-of-pocket expense, but you’ll only be reimbursed for what you spent out-of-pocket on the litter. I suggest using the rebates sans coupons, then using the coupons later when you run out of the free cat litter.

cat litter coupons and deals

More cat litter savings

More cat litter coupons are often available via ibotta, a cashback app, plus you can always check the manufacturer’s website.

  • Tidy Cats – Get cat litter coupons with email signup .
  • Arm and Hammer – $2 coupons with email signup , or just browse their site. Ibotta sometimes has cashback offers.
  • Scoop Away – Occasionally offer coupons on and sometimes on their packaging in store.
  • Fresh Steps – Offers coupons through redemption of Paw Points, their rewards program you sign up for to earn points from product purchases.
  • Cat’s Pride – While they don’t offer coupons, their litter is always a good deal and best seller at Walmart. Go here to get $10 off your first Walmart grocery pickup order!
cat litter coupons
cat litter coupons
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